PuffinswriteI’ve just finished a large secret project, the last big thing of 2015 for me.

Looks like the final tally of writing for the year will be 2 novels, 3 novellas and 32 (maybe 34 if I decide to squeeze another couple in) short stories.

Almost 400,000 words in total so far and about equal with my most productive year previously. I had planned a quiet year…

On the publications front in 2015 I’ve had

  • a novel, THE DUNFIELD TERROR at DarkFuse,
  • 6 novellas ( the 3 Holmes novellas in THE LONDON TERRORS and THE HOUSE ON THE MOOR at Dark Renaissance, TORMENTOR and PENTACLE at DarkFuse),
  • 2 story collections (CARNACKI: THE WATCHER AT THE GATE at Dark  Renaissance and MYTHS AND MONSTERS at Knightwatch Press, all of which are in hardcover editions and most also in paperback.
  •  14 other short stories in print, the personal highlights for me being another story in Nature Futures, and two appearances in the ‘MAMMOTH BOOK OF’ series of anthologies with stories featuring Sherlock Holmes and Jack the Ripper – a wee dream I’ve had for a while that came true.

Details of all of this at my website for anyone interested

2016 looks like it’s going to continue the good run – I have 2 more novels coming from DarkFuse (FUNGOID and SONGS OF DREAMING GODS), a new Sherlock Holmes short novel from Dark Renaissance (THE DREAMING MAN) and some other very nice (but currently secret) projects lined up. Alongside that I have 20 short stories sold and awaiting publication, including some where I’m sharing page space with some of my writing heroes.

Alongside all of that, I’ve got a small bundle of about a dozen story submissions currently out and waiting for reply. Fingers, toes and tentacles crossed.

On the actual writing front for 2016, I have another novel, my last in the current contract, to write for DarkFuse, 2 novellas to do for other publishers, and, currently, 3 stories to write for anthologies that I’ve been invited to. It’s a bit strange to have so much work in hand after years of submitting blind, but I’m not complaining…

Onward and upward

To infinity and beyond.