december-150x150Dark Renaissance Books are having a special offer for December which includes my new novella THE HOUSE ON THE MOOR and MR. JAKES by Tony Richards

Get these two haunted house novellas for $40 the pair ( includes FREE USPS Media Mail in the USA)

These are lovely signed and numbered editions, with interior illustrations by the great M Wayne Miller.



thehouseonthemoorThe House on the Moor by William Meikle
David Blacklaw and Hugh Fraser were celebrities in the days before it became a dirty word. They had done it all, in grand style—until the mysterious scandal that brought their fame crashing to an end. Now Fraser’s grandson, John, has come to the crumbling Blacklaw ancestral home on the Scottish moors, looking for answers, in search of a story that will make his career.

But what he finds is much more than a cover-up of a scandalous secret. A brooding terror lurks in the shadows of Black law House, something that skitters in the eaves and rustles in the pages of the books in the old library—a dark entity that whispers in John’s ear, seducing and promising. Meanwhile, outside in the mist, something walks the fog-bound moors, getting ever closer to the house even as Jon closes in on the secret.

The race is on for John to find the answer and reap the prize, before the horror takes root in his soul.

Mr. Jakes by Tony Richards
Alex Morland, once a bestselling novelist, is now a forgotten failure. He wants to write a new thriller that will revive his career, but he needs somewhere quiet to do it. When he arrives in the seaside town of Birchiam at the start of winter, he finds The Grange, a massive, traditional Victorian hotel, almost completely empty. His every whim is catered to. He barely needs to even leave his room. But who are those peculiar individuals he occasionally meets in the gardens and the bar? Why the sudden screaming in the corridors? And as for the hotel’s night manager—Mr. Jakes—why does Alex only see him in his dreams?

The trap has been sprung. He’ll have to pay a terrible price for all the pampering and comfort he’s received. The plot goes back over a hundred years, to when the hotel first opened and its very first night manager moved in.

A chilling supernatural novel in the style of The Shining, from a HWA and British Fantasy Award finalist.