My 2018 writing round up

A run down of what I've had published in 2018, and what's in the pipeline


Through a Mythos Darkly

Some stories fall through cracks. Some whole books do. Getting a story in THROUGH A MYTHOS DARKLY was a big deal for me. It's from PS Publishing, who were one of my white whale publishers, and my story in it is an alternative history Arthurian thing, influenced as much by Michael Moorcock as by H... Continue Reading →

Coming up from me…

After a relatively quiet patch on the publications front, I've got a lot of material coming out in the rest of 2017 and through 2018. On the longer works side I have the following: Songs of Dreaming Gods, a Sigils and Totems novel from DarkFuse The Boathouse, a Sigils and Totems novel from DarkFuse Ramskull,... Continue Reading →


A collection of jazz era cosmic horror short stories featuring immigrant, minority, female, LGBT, and other outsider protagonists. The book will contain my retelling of Lovecraft's THE HORROR AT RED HOOK from the viewpoint of two of the local ethnic population. Also included are works by Mercedes M Yardley, Tim Waggoner, Cody Goodfellow, Wilum Hopfrog... Continue Reading →

Wayne Miller and me

I've had the great privilege of working with Wayne Miller on many occasions in recent years. I think we've made a good team. He has done great things with artwork for a huge amount of my work, with covers produced for many of my books at Dark Regions and Gryphonwood Press among others, ¬†internal illustrations... Continue Reading →

My writing year in numbers

I've just finished a large secret project, the last big thing of 2015 for me. Looks like the final tally of writing for the year will be 2 novels, 3 novellas and 32 (maybe 34 if I decide to squeeze another couple in) short stories. Almost 400,000 words in total so far and about equal... Continue Reading →

Two new stories published today

It's always a good day when a new story comes out, and today there's two, both of which were in the post for me this morning. Both books are really nice in their paperback editions, which is a bonus. THE MAMMOTH BOOK OF JACK THE RIPPER STORIES¬†is one of those dream anthologies of the kind... Continue Reading →

Have you read the UNSPOKEN?

My Dad has cancer. More than one kind in fact. He's fighting hard, but cancer is a devious bugger. It hides, it lurks, and it pounces when you think it's down and defeated. Cancer is a monster. It has been a presence in my life for as long as I can remember. I first came... Continue Reading →

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