Details of a new hardcover and general news in this newsletter


Details of the latest S-Squad adventure in this newsletter

2020 in summary

It's been a strange year on the writing front.

November Newsletter

Details of a 99c bargain and general news in this newsletter

You don’t need an agent to go full time.

I'm living proof that you don't need an agent to be a full time writer.

The Best of William Meikle?

Here's my list for a "Best of William Meikle" anthology if anyone ever wanted to publish oneā€¦

My Writing: The Path Ahead

Some thoughts on what comes next for me in my writing.

S-Squad #10 – Operation North Sea launches

Operation North Sea launches

September News

New books in the pipe and general news in this September newsletter

Early Influences: Guitars

I'm Willie, and I've been playing guitar badly for almost 50 years.

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