August Newsletter

News of a new audiobook (free to reviewers) and general news in this August Newsletter

Short story, novella, novel

My personal favorite short story, novella and novel that I have written.

Early Influences: London

I went to London to seek my fortune back in early 1982.

When I was almost famous

It's almost exactly ten years now since my breakthrough year in the Kindle market.

Early influences: Glasgow

I've been talking these past few posts about influences. Place has always been a big one for me, and the first and one of the largest was where I spent a lot of time up to the age of 23.

Early movie influences

Another big part of what made me the writer I am today is movies.

This is who I am.

I write to escape. I haven't managed it yet, but I'm working on it.

Surviving COVID-19 in rural Newfoundland

I could have chosen a lot worse places to sit out a pandemic.

JULY Newsletter

News of two bargain 99c ebooks and general news in this July Newsletter

50 Bands / Acts I’ve seen

This comes round on social media every so often; first concert, favorite gigs etc. Here's a wee list of 50 acts I've seen in concert.

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