2020 in summary

It's been a strange year on the writing front.

November Newsletter

Details of a 99c bargain and general news in this newsletter

You don’t need an agent to go full time.

I'm living proof that you don't need an agent to be a full time writer.

The Best of William Meikle?

Here's my list for a "Best of William Meikle" anthology if anyone ever wanted to publish one…

My Writing: The Path Ahead

Some thoughts on what comes next for me in my writing.

S-Squad #10 – Operation North Sea launches

Operation North Sea launches

September News

New books in the pipe and general news in this September newsletter

Early Influences: Guitars

I'm Willie, and I've been playing guitar badly for almost 50 years.

Early Influences: Drinking

In a couple of years time I'll have been drinking for 50 years. People keep telling me it’ll kill me, but at this stage, if it’s drink that gets me now, I’ll consider it a win because it's been a lot of fun so far.

Early Influences: Dark Places

I've had a thing about caves and dark places since I was young.

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