3 free Creature Features and a 99c promotion

It's creature feature weekend, and I have bargains to show you.

New Midnight Eye Files in the Chapbook Collection

I've added two Midnight Eye novellas, FARSIDE and RHYTHM AND BOOZE to The Chapbook Collection.

Displacement Activity

I've been overhauling my self-published stuff on Amazon, with hardcover editions and shiny new covers

New Hardcovers on Amazon

I've harmonised the covers across editions for all my hardcovers on Amazon, and added some new titles there too.

BIRTHINGS is new today for Kindle

BIRTHINGS is new today for Kindle

Five Years of the S-Squad

The S doesn’t really stand for anything apart from the fact that they’re Sweary, Scottish, and Squaddies.


S-Squad series #14. A creature feature novel from Severed Press.

In the year 2047

Someone asked me if I thought I'd still be writing in 25 years time.

A Sit-Rep From the Writing Trenches

Over the past 6 months I've struggled to get into the pulp rhythm. It's not writer's block


Infestation at 99c and other news

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