Another old friend passes

I suppose I'm at that age now, with more funerals than weddings in my future, but it doesn't make it any easier.

More musings of a writer in lockdown

The state of the world has me paralyzed at the moment, caught like a rabbit in the headlights and unable to look away.

International Success

I'm in discussion with Luzifer Verlag about them taking on the German rights to more of my books.

Musings of a writer in lockdown

I'm struggling to find any motivation to write at the moment. Whether it's the virus, the creeping sense of my own mortality that's been nagging at me since the cancer scare last autumn or just age starting to slow me down I don't know. I'm getting some words down, but they're coming in dribs and... Continue Reading →

Days of Future Passed

Forty years ago right about now I was into the last bit of preparation for my finals at Glasgow University.

Don’t talk to me about life

Six months ago I was in hospital. They'd found what they said was 'a mass' in my small intestine and I was in to get it cut out of me.


News of two bargain 99c ebooks and general news in this April Newsletter

S Squad #9: OPERATION CONGO Launches

A lot of you out there will, like me, be self-isolating in this pandemic. Here's a brand new S-Squad book to keep you company.

NEWSFLASH – Free ebook for self isolators

Details of a free ebook for self-isolators in this newsflash.

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