Revisiting My Influences: VICTORIANA

My name's Willie, and I've got a thing for Victoriana.

May Newsletter

There's a bit to get through this month


I've just given my creature feature collection a new cover in ebook, paperback and hardcover.

New wide ebook releases

The process of making more of my self published work available across a wide range of retailers continues


My writing news for April

Where I got the idea: NIGHT OF THE WENDIGO

Since I moved from Scotland to Newfoundland I've developed a love/hate relationship with cold weather.

Where I got the idea: ISLAND LIFE

I love monsters....especially black and white ones with the zips showing.

Where I got the idea: THE INVASION

THE INVASION reached no 2 in both Kindle SF and Kindle Horror and has sold over 20,000 copies.

Where I got the idea: THE VALLEY

The origins of "The Valley" are pretty simple to trace

My Newfoundland fiction

Newfoundland is worming its way more and more into my soul, and out again in my writing.

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