THE CITY BELOW is new today

THE CITY BELOW is new today for Kindle.

GUEST BOOK REVIEW by William Meikle: 31 Days of A Night in the Lonesome October: Day 1

The start of a month-long review of Zelazny’s A NIGHT IN THE LONESAOME OCTOBER. Follow it at the link.

Meghan's Haunted House of Books

A Night in the Lonesome October
All is not what it seems…

In the murky London gloom, a knife-wielding gentleman named Jack prowls the midnight streets with his faithful watchdog Snuff – gathering together the grisly ingredients they will need for an upcoming ancient and unearthly rite. For soon after the death of the moon, black magic will summon the Elder Gods back into the world. And all manner of Players, both human and undead, are preparing to participate.

Some have come to open the gates. Some have come to slam them shut.

And now the dread night approaches – so let the Game begin.

Author: Roger Zelazny
Illustrator: Gahan Wilson
Genre: Fantasy, Horror, Gaslamp
Publisher: Avon Books
Publication Date: September 1, 1994
Pages: 280


Roger Zelazny‘s A Night in the Lonesome October is a wonderful book in every sense of the word, and perfect October reading…

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Slave to the rhythm

In the end, we all dance together.

When I’m 64

Musings on approaching a milestone

Scottish Horrors

I'm Willie, I'm a Scotsman, and I write horror fiction.


I was almost a scientist, once upon a time when the world was young.


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My Writing: The Path Ahead

Some thoughts on what comes next for me in my writing.

Early Influences: Guitars

I'm Willie, and I've been playing guitar badly for almost 50 years.

Early Influences: Drinking

In a couple of years time I'll have been drinking for 50 years. People keep telling me it’ll kill me, but at this stage, if it’s drink that gets me now, I’ll consider it a win because it's been a lot of fun so far.

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