December Newsletter

Details of my latest release, a Christmas giveaway, and general writing news in the newsletter this month.


Through a Mythos Darkly

Some stories fall through cracks. Some whole books do. Getting a story in THROUGH A MYTHOS DARKLY was a big deal for me. It's from PS Publishing, who were one of my white whale publishers, and my story in it is an alternative history Arthurian thing, influenced as much by Michael Moorcock as by H …

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Dark Regions Press and Me

Dark Regions Press were my breakthrough publisher - the one where I started to believe I could do something with myself in the genres, and the one who gave me my break into both the hardcover markets and the Carnacki / Challenger / Holmes pastiches that have proven so popular with my readers in recent …

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CLOCKWORK DOLLS is back. My latest rerelease from Crossroad Press, and a novella that garnered some of the best reviews of my career. Does all human passion, all memory, all imagination come merely from the chemistry in our brains, like the movements of a clock follow from the arrangement of its cogs and wheels? Are …

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THE EXILED is back

When people ask me what's my favorite of the books I've written, this one often comes to mind. There's a lot of me in this one; it's Scottish, it's set in Edinburgh and rural Scotland, and there's a particularly Scottish flavor to the people and the dialogue. It's one of those books where I said …

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My novel, NIGHT OF THE WENDIGO, is rereleased today in a new ebook edition from Crossroad Press. Formerly at DarkFuse, it picked up some great reviews back in its first release, and I'm hoping it's going to get a new audience with this new edition. AMAZON      SMASHWORDS Four hundred years ago a Scottish cargo …

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Fifty bricks in the book wall

With OPERATION: ANTARCTICA my book wall has hit 50 covers. Which is nice. And more to come... next goal is 100 for the anthology appearances wall, which is at 93 so far. Not bad for an old fart. Get details of them all here   ++++++++++++++++ WANT A FREE WILLIAM MEIKLE STARTER LIBRARY? Sign up …

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A Tale of Two Books

I spent much of December giving my new Victorian supernatural collection THE GHOST CLUB a big push, with a whole-hog blog tour, interviews, podcasts and frequent postings on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and anywhere else that would have me. At the same time, my very pulpy creature feature book from Severed Press, INFESTATION was out, but …

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2017 – My short story appearances

I was going to post about how it had been a quiet year on the short story front, then I did a count back. I was rather more busy that I thought 🙂 The Longdock Air / Shadows Over Main Street 2 / Cuttingblock Press Call and Response / The Arkham Detective Agency / Dark …

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2017 – My Writing Year

It's been quite a year. It started with DarkFuse publishing my novel FUNGOID to great reviews, only for the publisher to fold just as sales were starting to take off, leaving the book, and all my other DarkFuse titles in limbo. I've since managed to place all the works at Crossroad Press who are doing …

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