February Newsletter

Details of my latest release, and general news in this February newsletter. Latest release: A trip to a war zone to rescue trapped archaeologists finds the S-Squad in a remote desert region of lost cities and temples. They quickly discover that they are not alone among the ruins. First they find the bodies, then they …

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OPERATION: SYRIA cover reveal

OPERATION: SYRIA cover reveal

Hogmanay Newsletter

Details of a free ebook on Amazon, and general news in this Hogmanay newsletter.

My 2018 writing round up

A run down of what I've had published in 2018, and what's in the pipeline

November Newsletter

A bargain book today, general writing news in the newsletter this month.

Onward and Upward – Captain’s Log

A status update, and a look at what's coming down the pipe from me.

October Newsletter

New book release today and general writing news in the newsletter this month. AMAZON AMAZON UK SAMPLESMASHWORDS My latest book, THE GREEN AND THE BLACK launches today. Before I go on, I'd like to ask a favor. If you could spare a moment, head on over to my Twitter and retweet the pinned tweet at …

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On drinking

I've liked a drink for about 45 years now. People keep telling me it'll kill me, but at this stage, if it's drink that gets me now, I'll consider it a win

New Book Day – RAMSKULL

RAMSKULL is new today. In this one you'll find a remote Scottish island, some baffled cops, bloody mayhem, a bar, an ancient Ram's skull, dank caves, some whisky, another bar, Oban, some mad monks, a lighthouse, and more whisky. It's a return home for me after a few years writing Newfoundland based stories, and it's …

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2017 – My Writing Year

It's been quite a year. It started with DarkFuse publishing my novel FUNGOID to great reviews, only for the publisher to fold just as sales were starting to take off, leaving the book, and all my other DarkFuse titles in limbo. I've since managed to place all the works at Crossroad Press who are doing …

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