I’ve got several things of note to report this month

  • During Late July/ August I’m guest authoring on a GOODREADS group, HORROR AFICIONADOS, where they’re doing a guest read of FUNGOID. I’d love to see some of you over there
  • I’ve sold another flash fiction story A LIFE IN THE DAY OF… to NATURE. That’s 6 in 7 years to them, and it makes this former scientist all warm and fuzzy happy knowing that there’s a huge print run and that it sits in libraries, labs, offices and newsagents all over the world.
  • My Victorian supernatural collection, THE GHOST CLUB is due later this year from Crystal Lake Publishing, and it’s out with some writers for possible back cover blurbs at the moment. Can’t reveal anything yet, but some of my favorite authors are saying nice things. Which is lovely.
  • My James Bond meets the Cthulhu Mythos novella, INTO THE GREEN in BOND BEYOND from April Moon Books should be along this month. I’m sharing space with a novella by Ed Erdelac, and it will be published in Canada, where early Bond novels are out of copyright, meaning BOND is in the public domain and can be used in stories if you don’t mention things from later books or the movies. So my Bond is a chain smoking, hard drinking, bit of a bastard. They way I like him.

I’ve also got several things out on submission that I’ve got everything crossed for. I’ll keep you posted.

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