Onward and Upward – Captain’s Log

A status update, and a look at what's coming down the pipe from me.


Newfoundland and Me

On Newfoundland, and my writing set there.

October Newsletter

New book release today and general writing news in the newsletter this month. AMAZON AMAZON UK SAMPLESMASHWORDS My latest book, THE GREEN AND THE BLACK launches today. Before I go on, I'd like to ask a favor. If you could spare a moment, head on over to my Twitter and retweet the pinned tweet at …

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Old Stories, New words

Some more about where THE GREEN AND THE BLACK came from

On drinking

I've liked a drink for about 45 years now. People keep telling me it'll kill me, but at this stage, if it's drink that gets me now, I'll consider it a win

Some musings about the S-Squad

A post about why I write the S-Squad books, and where they go next.


New today: OPERATION: AMAZON, the 4th S-Squad creature feature

My Scottish Fiction

Got asked a couple of times yesterday about my Scottish fiction, so here's the gen.

Musings of an older writer

Been musing here and there on social media about being an older writer. Some of it is 'all you kids get off my lawn' stuff, some of it is nostalgia for a different, less frantic, time, but mostly, I'm just getting old.

My year in writing so far

It's felt like a quiet year so far, but looking back, I've been more productive than I thought.