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The Ghost Club Launch Tour – Stop 7


The Weird Tales Radio show is now available to download as a @PodBean #podcast top stories include an interview with me about THE GHOST CLUB stories


The Ghost Club Launches

My new book, THE GHOST CLUB is now live on Amazon and available in both ebook and paperback, and I’m hoping at least some of you will be interested enough to give it a try. It would help me out enormously if you could tell your friends today, and spread the news. Hell, tell your enemies.


I’m right in the middle of a twenty-stop blog, podcast and interview tour in support of the launch so come on over and say hi if you want to know what makes me tick. If you’ve missed the earlier stops along the way, I’ve got them all linked on the front page of my website at

‘The Ghost Club is a massively ambitious anthology of stories ‘by’ classic authors as imagined by the extremely talented William Meikle. Massively entertaining, too.’ – Simon Clark, author of the award winning The Night of the Triffids

‘In the past, we’ve had the Diogenes Club, the ‘Club of the Damned’, and even Peter Straub’s ‘Chowder Society.’ Now we have THE GHOST CLUB by William Meikle. And it is, quite simply, a delight. Not only has the author displayed his knowledge of and love for the writers of yesteryear, but in creating ‘The Ghost Club’ our host has produced his own collection of unknown and previously unpublished short stories ‘by’ Robert Louis Stevenson, Rudyard Kipling, Leo Tolstoy, Bram Stoker, Mark Twain, H. G.Wells, Margaret Oliphant, Oscar Wilde, H. Rider Haggard, Helena P Blavatsky, Henry James, Anton Chekhov, Jules Verne and Arthur Conan Doyle. I say ‘unknown’, when I mean – of course – that all the stories are written by Mr Meikle in the style of the aforementioned authors; and the entire experience of reading this collection is like sitting with him in an old fashioned study, with a roaring fire, guttering shadows and a snifter or two of brandy as he unfolds his ‘Ghost Club’ tales. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.’ – Stephen Laws, author of GHOST TRAIN

‘William Meikle is an audacious writer! In The Ghost Club he takes on the personalities of literary icons Bram Stoker, Arthur Conan Doyle, Jules Verne and the like and creates stories they might have told, mimicking their voices and writing styles. And he makes that work! I have too many favorites to name but as I read from start to finish, the stories just got better and better and I found myself as absorbed as if I were reading spooky tales told by these master storytellers. Kudos to Meikle! Lovers of traditional and quirky ghost stories need The Ghost Club in their library!’ – Nancy Kilpatrick. author of REVENGE OF THE VAMPYR KING

‘Masters of literature spin classic spooky tales in this chilling collection.’ – Scott Nicholson, author of THE RED CHURCH

In Victorian London, a select group of writers, led by Arthur Conan Doyle, Bram Stoker and Henry James held an informal dining club, the price of entry to which was the telling of a story by each invited guest.

These are their stories, containing tales of revenant loved ones, lost cities, weird science, spectral appearances and mysteries in the fog of the old city, all told by some of the foremost writers of the day. In here you’ll find Verne and Wells, Tolstoy and Checkov, Stevenson and Oliphant, Kipling, Twain, Haggard, Wilde and Blavatsky alongside their hosts.

Come, join us for dinner and a story.

Squeaky Bottom Time

It’s getting to be twitchy time. Launch day tomorrow, and the payoff for all the jumping up and down and waving and talking bollocks I’ve been doing.

I need a favor from any of you still paying attention; if you could see your way to sharing THE GHOST CLUB link around over the next 36 hours, I’d be most grateful.

There are still some great blog posts, podcasts and interviews to come on the tour, but right now, it’s crunch time for raising the book’s profile and giving it a good start in life.

The Ghost Club Launch Tour – Stop 6

The Ghost Club Launch Tour – Stop 6

A longish interview for stop 6, mostly about the writing itself rather than THE GHOST CLUB in particular — how I got started, how I go about it, and what keeps me going.

The Ghost Club Launch Tour – Stop 5

The Ghost Club Launch Tour – Stop 5

This one went up early, but this is its scheduled slot, so in case you missed it, here’s my guest blog at Horrortalk, where I discuss some of my all-time favorite horror stories by Ramsey Campbell, Saki, Fritz Leiber, Karl Edward Wagner and Daphne Du Maurier.

The Ghost Club Launch Tour – Stop 4

The Ghost Club Launch Tour – Stop 4

My latest stop is an interview about the Ghost Club and its writers over at John Linwood Grant’s Greydogtales site. John and I share many of the same enthusiasms, being of similar ages and academic backgrounds. He’s a whimsical Yorkshireman — you dont get many of them to the pound — and I enjoyed investigating the act of lying convincingly in this long interview.

The Ghost Club Launch Tour – Stop 3

The Ghost Club Launch Tour – Stop 3

Listen to my podcast interview with Dave Wood on Wood on Words, where I talk about my writing process, the difference between writing short stories and novels, how I created Derek Adams, the Midnight Eye, why I write horror, and how THE GHOST CLUB came about among other things.

The Ghost Club Launch Tour – Stop 2


Today I’m over at my friend Blaze McRob’s place, talking about some Scottish supernatural fiction writers and some other Scots who have influenced me over the years.


THE GHOST CLUB Launch Tour kicks off properly today with a long introductory interview over at my favorite review site THE GINGER NUTS OF HORROR.

Jim has built up a great resource over there in recent years, and has always been a strong supporter of my work, so it’s only fitting we start here, at the very beginning, a very fine place to start.

Are you sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin…

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