A Meikle Book a Day for Halloween, Day 6 – INTO THE BLACK

In this one you'll find some Mi-Go, Yog-Sototh, Shoggoths, King Arthur, British soldiers, some Deep Ones, scientists of various competencies, Roman centurions, the Antoinine Wall, a fair bit of singing and some green blobby stuff.

Free samplers on Smashwords

I use Smashwords as a place to give away free stories and short sampler collections. Here's the current set.

April Newsletter

A new reissue of Tormentor, some short story sales news and a new giveaway for April, all in the newsletter this month.

Five favorite horror short stories

I've got a little list, of five of my favorite horror short stories. These ones have been chosen because they've stuck with me over the course of many years now. I'm sure there's recent ones bubbling under that'll be on this list in years to come. But for now, here's my best of the best.... Continue Reading →

Through a Mythos Darkly

Some stories fall through cracks. Some whole books do. Getting a story in THROUGH A MYTHOS DARKLY was a big deal for me. It's from PS Publishing, who were one of my white whale publishers, and my story in it is an alternative history Arthurian thing, influenced as much by Michael Moorcock as by H... Continue Reading →

2017 – My short story appearances

I was going to post about how it had been a quiet year on the short story front, then I did a count back. I was rather more busy that I thought 🙂 The Longdock Air / Shadows Over Main Street 2 / Cuttingblock Press Call and Response / The Arkham Detective Agency / Dark... Continue Reading →

A visit to Spook Central

Definitely the last leg of THE GHOST CLUB tour, an interview at spook central, UK's HAUNTED magazine where I talk about the book, my own spooky experiences, and beer. http://www.haunteddigitalmagazine.com/2017/12/did-you-hear-this-story-about-club-of.html

The Ghost Club Launch Tour – Final Stop

I'm calling it now -- the Ghost Club launch tour is done.   Many thanks to everybody who hosted me, talked to me, listened to me, shared my posts, reviewed the book and generally supported the whole effort. It's been a load of fun.   The links for everything are archived on my web site... Continue Reading →

An Unbirthday Present

AN UNBIRTHDAY EXCLUSIVE FOR SUBSCRIBERS It's my 60th Birthday in January and I've decided to give an unbirthday exclusive to my newsletter subscribers. I'll be sending out a link to download RHYTHM AND BOOZE, a wee collection of Midnight Eye stories, containing the following: - Rhythm and Booze - The Weathered Stone - The Inuit... Continue Reading →

The Ghost Club Launch Tour – Stop 18

GHOST CLUB LAUNCH TOUR STOP 18 My as-live radio chat with Jimmy Wienholz at The Horrific Podcast, talking about books, movies and big bugs among other things - I had a blast. https://horrificnetwork.podbean.com/e/thp-135-william-meikle/

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