OPERATION: SYRIA cover reveal

OPERATION: SYRIA cover reveal


My 2018 writing round up

A run down of what I've had published in 2018, and what's in the pipeline

December Newsletter

Details of my latest release, a Christmas giveaway, and general writing news in the newsletter this month.

Newsflash: Operation Loch Ness Launches

Something is feeding, ravenously, on animals, wildlife, and now people in the Scottish Highlands, and the trail leads to only one place, a place of legends, and the dark waters of Loch Ness.

Onward and Upward – Captain’s Log

A status update, and a look at what's coming down the pipe from me.

Some musings about the S-Squad

A post about why I write the S-Squad books, and where they go next.

Bring on the Monsters

Subtlety be damned. Bring on the monsters.

The way ahead for a pulpy pensioner

My pulp fiction sells better than my attempts at weird, more literary short fiction. There's no beating about the bush about that, it just does. Over the years my heart has been in trying to make a break through in the weird short story field, and I've pushed myself hard in attempts to leave a …

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NEW BOOK DAY! A creature feature novel from Severed Press. OPERATION: ANTARCTICA follows the survivors of the Scottish Special Forces squad from INFESTATION, to the opposite pole this time, and an investigation of a derelict NAZI base. In this one you'll find more sweary Scotsman, lots of bullets, Nazis, occult rituals, an electric pentacle, Winston …