SHERLOCK HOLMES: REVENANT is only 99c for a few days on Amazon


More 99c ebooks from Dark Regions

Dark Regions Press have made 2 of my ebooks available for 99c this week.

More 99c ebooks

Amazon have 3 more ebooks from Dark Regions Press at just 99c.

99c ebooks

Three of my novellas from DarkRegions Press are currently on sale at 99c on Amazon

My 2018 writing round up

A run down of what I've had published in 2018, and what's in the pipeline

Onward and Upward – Captain’s Log

A status update, and a look at what's coming down the pipe from me.

A Bargain Meikle ebook Bundle

Dark Regions Press have put together a bargain ebook bundle of five of my books for just $9.00

Dark Regions Press and Me

Dark Regions Press were my breakthrough publisher - the one where I started to believe I could do something with myself in the genres, and the one who gave me my break into both the hardcover markets and the Carnacki / Challenger / Holmes pastiches that have proven so popular with my readers in recent... Continue Reading →

Coming up from me…

After a relatively quiet patch on the publications front, I've got a lot of material coming out in the rest of 2017 and through 2018. On the longer works side I have the following: Songs of Dreaming Gods, a Sigils and Totems novel from DarkFuse The Boathouse, a Sigils and Totems novel from DarkFuse Ramskull,... Continue Reading →

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