My Inspector Lestrade collection, THE BLACK TEMPLE AND OTHER STORIES from Weird House Press is now also available in ebook and paperback

Watson has portrayed Inspector Lestrade of Scotland Yard as an inept foil to Sherlock Holmes. But, left to his own devices, Lestrade is no mean detective himself. In these new encounters with the supernatural, the dogged inspector comes into his own.


  • The Curious Affair on the Embankment: One successful woman after another disappears in the vicinity of Cleopatra’s Needle. But what had they promised in exchange for their success. And to whom?
  • Stage Fright: To a pack of society gentlemen, a seance seems an amusing diversion, until one fellow receives infuriating taunts from beyond the grave and reacts violently. But they should have known that death is a permeable barrier.
  • Skulls and Skullduggery: Mycroft Holmes works for a secret branch of Her Majesty’s government, but can pull strings to obtain Lestrade’s skills when needed to find out what connects some recently dead men, horribly disfigured and recently tattooed.
  • The Thing from the Black Museum: In a city as large as London, the police have a Black Museum containing memorabilia of terrible crimes, into which the curious may venture. When an item is surreptitiously removed, the murders begin.
  • A Day at the Circus: When a performer in a traveling circus is savagely eviscerated, Lestrade is summoned. Curiously, none of the trained animals can possibly be responsible and a brutalized young woman finds a willing and more than able protector.
  • An Encounter in the Morgue: A widow’s corpse mysteriously appears in the Scotland Yard morgue and will not rest until her beloved husband’s last gift is recovered and justice is done.
  • The Black Temple: An investigative journalist reports that a newly wealthy lord and his cronies are conducting hideous sacrifices but the evidence vanishes into thin air, and evil now pursues all those who attempt to interfere.
  • Mrs. Hudson’s Fancies: Mrs. Hudson begs Lestrade for help with a friend victimized by a fraudulent medium with whom Holmes himself takes issue. But what if the medium were not fraudulent?
  • A Deadly Stare: Colonialism, like other old sins, casts a long shadow. And now those who committed desecration and murder decades ago in India find they have not escaped the consequences.
  • The Faithful Custodian: Queen Victoria had many faithful servants during her long reign but one devoted retainer is the most faithful of all, protecting her even beyond his own death.
  • The Hallowe’en: The British shipping trade is superbly lucrative when all goes well, but some goods are more profitable than others, if secrets are kept. And occult protection can be arranged, for a price that no man wants to pay.
  • A Thing of Shreds and Patches: Criminals are being efficiently caught. But not by Scotland Yard – and just as efficiently murdered by an unsanctioned executioner. Lestrade must find the culprit before Irene Adler, next on the list, dies.


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