March Newsletter

My Lovecraftian collection, HOME FROM THE SEA is now also available in audiobook

Here, you’ll find some glowing fog, mad scientists, tentacled things, booze, dreaming gods, cigarettes, boats of various sizes, a bar or two, stiff upper lips, a ghosthunter, a great detective, and a multitude of universes, among other things.


I’ve just sold a new Scottish supernatural collection to Weird House Press. TALES OF A HAUNTED SCOTLAND will be out in deluxe hardcover, trade hardcover, paperback and ebook.  That’s an item ticked off my bucket list, something I’ve wanted ever since I started writing back in ’92.

S-Squad #3: OPERATION: SIBERIA is now also available in audiobook

I‘ve delivered S-Squad #16, OPERATION: NORTH POLE, to Severed Press. Should be along in April all going well.

My Scottish murder mystery, THE ROAD HOLE BUNKER MYSTERY has a new home and is coming soon from Charade Media, a specialist mystery publisher in the USA

I’ve started the process of getting audiobooks done from my self published works as you can see from the Home From the Sea news above. There’s books in progress for THE AULD MITHER, THE COPYCAT MURDERS and HELLFIRE. Watch this space for more.

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