A half-year report

It’s felt like a quiet writing year so far but checking back I’ve got quite a lot done.

The S-Squad books continue apace. I finished up OPERATION: YUKON and it was published early in the year. I wrote number 12, OPERATION: SAHARA and it too is now published. I have a contract for book 13, OPERATION: LONDON which will be my late-summer / autumn project.

My other series for Severed Press, the BELOW books, got its second book, THE SEA BELOW, and I’m working on book 3 of that one, THE CITY BELOW.

All the newer Severed Press titles are selling well, vindicating my decision a couple of years back to focus on the pulpy stuff. This summer I’ve hit thirty years as a writer. The past fourteen of them have been full time and those creature features have meant the past two years have been the best of my career so far financially.

That said, I’m still writing more overtly supernatural material; it’s just that most of that is in short form now. I was planning on doing quite a bit more but I severed my ties with Silver Shamrock so the three short collections I had planned there will no longer be happening. I had already written half a dozen new stories for the proposed first one and they’re now out doing the rounds on submission.

The other short fiction this year was the publication in ebook of my latest CARNACKI collection, STARRY WISDOM AND OTHER STORIES at Dark REgions Press. I’m eagerly awaiting the limited hardcover of that one.

Apart from those, I’ve had several sales of note to forthcoming anthologies.

  • The Sluggie Rebellion to Fear the Future from Corpus Press
  • The Captain’s Fever to Pirates of the Mythos from Dark Regions Press
  • Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation to Tales From Arkham Asylum from Dark Regions Press
  • Herders to Terror Tales of the Scottish Highlands from Telos

In the pipeline on the short stories front, my winter project later this year will be a set of supernatural Inspector Lestrade stories in the vein of the one in my Ghost Club collection.

On the foreign language front I’m having quite a bit of success in Germany. Luzifer Verlag are putting out the S-Squad series ( already up to #4) and have also published The Lost Valley and The Dunfield Terror in German editions, with The Concordances of the Red Serpent coming later in the year. Meanwhile Blitz Verlag are currently preparing the three Sherlock Holmes, London Terrors novellas for individual publication in German editions.

The next immediate thing in the pipe is the limited edition hardcover of SHERLOCK HOLMES: THE DREAMING MAN, coming soon from Weird House Press and with illos by M Wayne Miller. It’s nice to be working with these guys again and I look forward to having the book join its companion pieces on my shelf. Currently doing the signing sheets – there’ll be 100 of these hardcovers in the print run so keep watching this space if you want details.

Onward and upward.

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