SEVENTH SIGIL – A New Sigils and Totems Novella

Details of a new Sigils and Totems novella and a 99c Midnight Eye novella in this newsflash


I went through a spy novel phase back in the late ’70s / early ’80s. I’d already read the Ian Flemings and Alistair MacLeans but those were more thrillers than pure espionage and I’d seen the Bonds and the Harry Palmers.

I only really got into the genre after seeing THE SPY WHO CAME IN FROM THE COLD in the Glasgow Film Theatre one night. Then I saw the BBC Tinker Tailor, read the Le Carre books and was off and away heading into Len Deighton, George Markstein and a bunch of others.

I love the grey men doing grey business in grey circumstances vibe of the Smiley stuff in particular.

But given that my main reading has always tended to the supernatural what I really wanted was to to see an occult / espionage crossover. Tim Powers’ novel DECLARE did a lot of that work for me.

But an idea just wouldn’t let me be and now I’ve finally given in to the impulse, pushed along by the fact that the Sigils and Totems concept gave me a way in to it.

SEVENTH SIGIL is my wee tribute to the shades of George Smiley, Harry Palmer, Quiller and grey men doing grey business everywhere.

I’d love to see it done as a movie or a TV one off. It’s a dream I have.


A man walks out of East Berlin with a story to tell, of strange houses where you can contact the dead, houses that the secret services of the Eastern Bloc have infiltrated. They are using them for their own purposes, the passing of espionage secrets from West to East in a way more secure than any code.

Tradecraft is needed if the grey men in the UK are to penetrate this new network.

But Sigil Houses have their own secrets, ones that are protected even beyond death.

Welcome to a London House.

It is 1967.

The Russians are coming.

Read more about my ongoing Sigils and Totems Mythos –> here

Ebook ($1.99), paperback ($5.99) and free to read on Kindle Unlimited




Another Sigils and Totems story, another novella, also a Midnight Eye story, and is currently available for 99c.

Derek is tasked to find a green door.

But green doors keep secrets.

And some doors are never meant to be opened.

GREEN DOOR represents the start of a new stage of work for Derek and is his introduction to my Sigils and Totems mythos. I intend to weave him in to the other mythos in a new series of novellas coming over the next few years.

Read more about my ongoing Sigils and Totems Mythos –> here


As ever, I’m always grateful for any purchases, reviews or social media shares you’d care to give me on these, or indeed any of my books. You newsletter readers are my lifeblood in this game, and I hope to be able to bring you some exclusive bargains later in the year, so watch this space.


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