Details of a new Midnight Eye novella, a 99c Midnight Eye novella and general news in this February Newsletter


A new Midnight Eye novella available in ebook ($1.99) and paperback.($5.99)

A lost girl, a distraught grannie and a favor for a friend lead Derek to a vile cult in the heart of Glasgow

An antique mirror is the key to the case, but can Derek unknot its secrets in time?

Or will he succumb to the Hellfire?

Derek has been with me from very close to the start of my writing career; the first short story, THE JOHNSON AMULET that later turned into the first novel, was among the earliest things I wrote back in late 1992. He’s turned up in three novels so far, THE AMULET, THE SIRENS and THE SKIN GAME, all still available singly in ebook at all the usual online stores, in print in THE MIDNIGHT EYE OMNIBUS Volume 1 and in individual shiny audiobook editions, all available from Gryphonwood Press.

There are a handful of Midnight Eye short stories collected in the omnibus editions, in the second of which they are alongside three novellas; RHYTHM AND BOOZE (also in my Dark Melodies collection), DEAL OR NO DEAL (also available as a free sampler in ebook from Gryphonwood Press), and FARSIDE (also in the OCCULT DETECTIVE QUARTERLY PRESENTS anthology from Ulthar Press.)

Hellfire, an old school devil worshiping story, is his latest case, with more to come.

Derek has developed a life of his own, and I’m along for the ride.




Another Midnight Eye file, another novella, and is currently available for 99c.

Derek is tasked to find a green door.

But green doors keep secrets.

And some doors are never meant to be opened.

GREEN DOOR represents the start of a new stage of work for Derek and is his introduction to my Sigils and Totems mythos. I intend to weave him in to the other mythos in a new series of novellas coming over the next few years.



  • The eagle eyed among you might have spotted that my website has had a wee polish and upgrade. Every page and book page now also has a wee advert attached automatically when you use the share buttons at the top right of each page on Facebook or Twitter. If any of you feel the urge to share anything, The Midnight Eye in particular, feel free to go and push a few buttons.
  • As part of the upgrade you’ll see that THE MIDNIGHT EYE books have been rebranded. This is all part of the cunning long term plan.
  • I’ve sold a story, A VIRGIN BIRTH, to a forthcoming antho from Silver Shamrock Publishing, MIDNIGHT IN THE PENTAGRAM, which has some great writers attached. More news as and when
  • My Punktown story NOCTURNES AND LACUNAE has just been published in Japanese in the latest edition of NIGHT LAND QUARTERLY over there, my 8th publication with them. I think they like me
  • Just waiting for the contracts to confirm, but it looks like Blitz Verlag will be publishing German language editions of all of my weird Sherlock Holmes fiction to join REVENANT which they already have.
  • In other German language news, LUCIFER VERLAG have the German language version of the first S-Squad book, INFESTATION, coming on Feb 20th.
  • My job for the rest of February is to avoid the Newfoundland weather (it’s been snowing. A lot) and finish S-Squad #9: Operation Congo, which was stalled after my cancer scare and surgery but is now back underway.

As ever, I’m always grateful for any purchases, reviews or social media shares you’d care to give me on these, or indeed any of my books. You newsletter readers are my lifeblood in this game, and I hope to be able to bring you some exclusive bargains later in the year, so watch this space.

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