A new look for THE MIDNIGHT EYE

Working with Gryphonwood Press, I’ve rebranded ( Derek would hate that.) The Midnight Eye. There’s a new look to all existing ebook covers, an updated web page with new header and updated info on the books and stories, and I’ve got templates to work with for new Midnight Eye stories going forward on Kindle and in print.

I like this new look. It’s brightened up the original novels, giving them what I think is a strong pulp-noir feel.


Derek’s been with me a long long time. The original short story, THE JOHNSON AMULET was one of the first things I remember writing that I considered to be in my ‘voice’ and where I felt I was getting somewhere. That would have been back in about 1994, which feels like another lifetime ago. I’m sure it feels that way for Derek, still to be trudging the streets of Glasgow all these years later.

I thought I was done with him a few years back, but there’s been a wee flurry in the past couple of years, in the FARSIDE, DEAL OR NO DEAL and GREEN DOOR novellas in particular. He seems to be back and settling into the novellette / novella length and I’m working on another at the moment, HELLFIRE, an old school devil worshiping case for him that might become part of a loose trilogy of novellas.

I think Derek will be where I focus my self-publishing this year, with the other point of focus being more work for Severed Press, including more S-Squad, so 2020 writing will be predominately of a Scots nature.

Which suits me just fine.



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