The Self Publishing Experiment – 1st Monthly Report

That’s the first month of a serious attempt at self-publishing some of my stuff under my belt.

What have I learned?

Well, firstly, there’s money in it. I’ve sold over 500 ebooks and over 140 paperbacks and had a lot of people read in Kindle Unlimited for which I get paid per page read. There’s an estimated royalty to come of somewhere over $850, which isn’t a bad return for a month for stuff that is mostly reprints I’ve been paid for before.

Secondly, the learning curve is a steep one, with Amazon software quirks and peculiarities to work through in both the manuscripts and cover design, but now that I’ve got solid templates set up for both, it’s pretty simple to get both ebooks and print versions up and running in a short period of time.

Stage 1 in the first month was me learning and I’ve put a mixture of stuff up in both ebook and print, including a few collections, the old Road Hole Bunker crime novel, a new Midnight Eye novella, and I’ve got fifteen chapbooks in what will be a growing collection at 99c in ebook and $3.99 in print. Alongside that, Steven Savile and I have published the start of a historical series, DAGGER OF THE MARTYRS.


Stage 2 won’t be as frantic now that the base is built and running.

First up will be a relaunch of the Augustus Seton stories as they were originally intended, in a series of chapbooks. The four print versions are already up waiting for the ebooks which I’ll have live next week.

After that will be a personal project. I got the rights back for the three LONDON TERRORS Holmes novellas, and I’m going to bring them back into print, and release them as three separate print and ebook editions with Wayne Miller covers. Formatting of these is underway.

After that will be print and ebook editions of my kids’ creature feature GENERATIONS, for which I’ve also got the rights back. That’ll be later in the year.

And after that? More Sigils and Totems stuff I think, as I have an idea for a 60’s spy thing set in London. And maybe more Derek Adams after that.

While all of this is going on I’m still contracted for two novels from Severed Press, so the self publishing will be background activity during novel writing down time.

Still, it keeps me off the streets.







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