Dagger of the Martyrs is available for preorder



My collaboration with New York Times bestseller Steven Savile is available for preorder.

The first in a new Historical Fantasy trilogy.


Set in the 14th Century in Paris and the Middle East, it is the tale of a pair of twins.

Separated at birth, one is taken to Paris, one is left to the desert, and their destinies are everafter intertwined.

They learn to fight. They learn guile. They dream of impossible places, of impossible things, of quests in search of meaning, of each other.

And when they are left bereft of comfort and alone they must both learn one last thing.

How to survive. .

DAGGER OF THE MARTYRS is a bit of a departure for me, as it’s my first full length collaboration, although Steve and I have collaborated in the past on shorter works.

Steve came to me with a very detailed synopsis for a historical fantasy trilogy set in 14th Century Paris and Constantinople, and asked if I was interested in working with him on it. The idea really appealed to me, so I took first dibs at writing the draft.

The work came in at a time I needed it, just after Sue was taken very ill. It allowed me to take my mind away, to desert sands, ancient cities and Templar politics, and I had a hell of a lot of fun blasting my way through all three volumes.

Then it was over to Steve, and he’s given the first book a professional going over and polish, expanding on my blood and thunder.

In this one you’ll find Templars, desert caves, Parisian dungeons, swordfighting, political skullduggery, fueds both old and new and the training of a very special assassin.

THE DAGGER OF THE MARTYRS is an epic historical fantasy novel in the grand tradition of David Gemmell’s Rigante and Troy novels, tinged with magic and wonder as well as the grit of war.


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