May Newsletter

Details of a new historical fantasy series, website updates and a free ebook in this newsletter.

COMING SOON in ebook, paperback and hardcover

Dagger of the Martyrs is the first of a new historical fantasy series from me in collaboration with New York Times bestselling author Steven Savile

Set in the 14th Century in Paris and the Middle East, it is the tale of a pair of twins.

Separated at birth, one is taken to Paris, one is left to the desert, and their destinies are everafter intertwined.

They learn to fight. They learn guile. They dream of impossible places, of impossible things, of quests in search of meaning, of each other.

And when they are left bereft of comfort and alone they must both learn one last thing.

How to survive.

GREEN GROW THE RASHES and Other Stories is available as a free ebook on Smashwords.

If you’re looking for a free taster that’s representative of my work, this is who I am.

These seven short stories, all previously published in magazines or anthologies, contain magic, monsters, ghosts, history, beer, Scotland, scifi, fantasy, horror, singing, more beer and fun.

This is who I am.




I’ve added some new pages to my website this month.

If you feel so inclined, feel free to use the share buttons top right of each page on the site to share these around on your social media. You’d be making an old man very happy.

In other news, I’ve just this week delivered S-Squad #8, Operation Mongolia, to the publisher and I’m having a wee rest. If you haven’t yet caught up with this series, you can read all about it here.

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