February Newsletter

Details of my latest release, and general news in this February newsletter.

Latest release: A trip to a war zone to rescue trapped archaeologists finds the S-Squad in a remote desert region of lost cities and temples. They quickly discover that they are not alone among the ruins.

First they find the bodies, then they find the webs, then they’re in real trouble when the spiders attack.

Big spiders.

Lots of them.

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S-Squad are breaking in some new recruits on a mission to the desert.

An ancient city holds ancient secrets, secrets that have been plundered by rebels in search of easy money. But in that plundering, something has been woken, something coming up out of the dark to feed, to swarm, and to grow.

This is not the time to be an arachnophobe. S-Squad are soon under siege, as a horde of hungry spiders fill the city, and the only escape is through the very tunnels where the beasts have made their home.


In general news, I’m halfway through S-Squad #7 for Severed Press. OPERATION: NORWAY is my Spring 2019 project, and will see the squad facing a winter storm in Northern Norway, and a creature from out of legend.

An older Scottish supernatural novella, THE AULD MITHER, is coming back in print and ebook in Feb 2019 from Unnerving Press. Details, preorder and sample pages links are available on my website here

I AM THE ABYSS, a huge anthology from Dark Regions Press should be out in March, featuring my novella BLACKTOP alongside work by the likes of Michael Marshall Smith, Greg Gifune, Steve Rasnic Tem and others.


I have a large back catalog of 30 novels, 12 novellas and 9 story collections still in print and/or ebook and 16 audiobooks with more coming, so I hope you’d find something to take your fancy. Every month from now on, I’ll pick one and feature it here as a teaser.


Click on the image for details and buying links, or go straight here





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