My January reading

My January reading has been a mixture of new books for Christmas and my birthday, some books that have been on my to-be-read pile for a while (some of them for years), and some rereads of things I hadn’t read since they came out thirty years or more ago.

1. Black Hills – Dan Simmons
2. On Stranger Tides – Tim Powers
3. The Searching Dead – Ramsey Campbell
4. Born to the Dark – Ramsey Campbell
5. The Way of the Worm – Ramsey Campbell
6. The Wine of Angels – Phil Rickman
7. The Chalice – Phil Rickman
8. Longbarrow – Mark Morris
9. The Immaculate – Mark Morris
10. The Lost – Jonathan Aycliffe
11. Cell – Stephen King
12. The Stalking – Robert Faulcon
13. The Talisman – Robert Faulcon
14. The Ghostdance – Robert Faulcon
15. The Shrine – Robert Faulcon
16. The Langoliers – Stephen King
17. Secret Window, Secret Garden – Stephen King
18. The Brotherhood of the Rose – David Morrell
19. The Fraternity of the Stone – David Morrell
20. The League of Night and Fog – David Morrell
21. Ilium – Dan Simmons
22. Olympos – Dan Simmons

I’m not done with Olympos — it’s a doorstop at 900 pages, but I’ll certainly get there by the end of the month

I won’t get through twenty two books every month — this is a result of me having a wee rest from the writing as I was feeling a bit burnt out and frazzled after a few years of intensive work. I also pulled away from Facebook and Twitter. I needed a break, but more than that, a new pair of glasses has given my reading a new lease of life, and I’ve been loving being able to spend time lost in fiction without getting a headache afterwards.

So from now on I’ll be aiming for a balance of reading and writing, and less time spent footering about on social media.



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