Looking ahead.

Another birthday is looming next week, and as always it gets me thinking about what lies ahead on the writing side.

I’ve got one contract outstanding, for #7 of the S-Squad Series. In Operation: Norway they’ll be pining for the fjords, meeting wee hard men and generally causing havoc during a winter storm in an abandoned research station.

I’m still having fun with these lads, and there’ll be more to come if Severed Press will have them. But they come fast and pulpy and flow so easily I find myself pining to write something slower and more meditative.

I know I said a few months back that I was done with the Victoriana, and in some ways I am, having got almost everything I wanted to say out of my head in the Sherlock stories and the Ghost Club collection. But old Carnacki still has more tales to tell me I’m sure,even after the 4th collection arrives this year from Dark Regions. And I have a tickle of an idea for a Sigils and Totems murder mystery set in Victorian Glasgow and Edinburgh that I might spend some time pursuing after Operation Norway is out of the way.

Later in the year, S-Squad allowing, I might write another Derek Adams novel as it’s more than ten years now since The Skin Game and he’s pushing against the constraints of the shorter stories I’ve been giving him recently.

Beyond that lies the big honking fantasy trilogy I’ve had at the back of my mind for years and now have sketched out in outline. Its time might be coming round, and that might be something I’ll try to do the agent query thing with, one last push in that direction while I still have the energy for it.

I’ve got a few nice anthology appearances coming this year, more audiobooks in the pipeline too, but as I’ve said before, the death of DarkFuse and Dark Renaissance took some wind out of my sails and halted some momentum I’d been building. The Black Dog has been circling more than a few times, and I wonder if this is the start of the end.

But maybe it’s just the end of the start. I’m not ready to go quietly into the night just yet.



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