Hogmanay Newsletter

Details of a free ebook on Amazon, and general news in this New Year newsletter.

Happy New Year to you all. As a Hogmanay present, I’ve made Home From the Sea free on Amazon for the first few days of the New Year. It’s a collection of previously published short stories that I use as a showcase for my work as it covers a range of my particular enthusiasms

In these pages you’ll find some glowing fog, some mad scientists, some tentacled things, booze, dreaming gods, cigarettes, some boats of various sizes, a bar or two, some stiff upper lips, a ghosthunter, a great detective and a multitude of universes, among other things.

Home from the Sea contains 14 tales of Lovecraftian Terror.

Click on the image or go straight to Amazon.com here

In general news, I’ve got a contract to write S-Squad #7 for Severed Press. OPERATION: NORWAY will be my Spring 2019 project, and will see the squad facing a winter storm in Northern Norway, and a creature from out of legend.

I’ve recently sold an older Scottish supernatural novella, THE AULD MITHER, which will be coming in print and ebook in Feb 2019 from Unnerving Press

My story, Lacunae and Nocturnes has just been published in Dark Regions Press’ TRANSMISSIONS FROM PUNKTOWN anthology. The sci-fi megalopolis known as Punktown created by author Jeffrey Thomas has inspired countless readers and writers around the world, many creating their own Punktown stories as a result. Author Jeffrey Thomas’ world has inspired this new anthology of over 450 pages. Get it here

I have a large back catalog of 30 novels, 12 novellas and 9 story collections still in print and/or ebook and 16 audiobooks with more coming, so I hope you’d find something to take your fancy. Every month from now on, I’ll pick one and feature it here as a teaser.


Click on the image for details and buying links, or go straight here



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