My 2018 writing round up

It’s been an up and down year on the writing front. Mostly up.

On the negative side, my hopes for my Sigils and Totems mythos have died a slow death with both the longer works, Songs of Dreaming Gods and The Boathouse failing to make much of an impression on either readers or sales. I’ve recently sold a couple of short stories utilizing the framework, and I think that’s where the idea will find its home in the future.

On a brighter note my Victoriana collection, The Ghost Club, came out just before Christmas last year, got me some of the best reviews of my career, and sold steadily in the first half of the year. It failed to live up to my hopes of maybe making a mark in the Years’ Best anthos but as that’s a hope I have every year that has never yet come to fruition, it’s nothing new 🙂 Ellen Datlow mentioned it in dispatches as ‘entertaining’ in her Years Best summing up, so that’s something.

The second half of the year saw my novel The Green and the Black come out and while it hasn’t set the world on fire, sales are at least steady, and reviews positive.

But by far the highlight of the year has been the wee sweary Scottish squaddies of the S-Squad. People have taken them to their heart, and the whole series is selling steadily, especially in ebook. I wrote 2 at the back end of 2017, and 4 this year, and I have so much fun with them I’ll be doing more in 2019 if Severed Press will have them. #6, Operation: Syria, has been delivered to Severed Press along with some possible ideas for more, so fingers crossed.

Of the other stuff in the pipe, I have a fourth Carnacki collection, The Keys to the Door, coming up from Dark Regions Press, and several stories in anthologies with big name writers coming up. I’ve got a historical fantasy trilogy done with a co-writer, of which more news anon, the possibility of more German language editions of my work to come, and several more audiobooks coming down the line.

Having turned 60 in January I thought I might slow down. That might still happen. But not yet. 2018 proved to be my best year financially of the last 5. Here’s to 2019 bringing more of the same.


Publications in 2018

Longer works

  • Operation: Loch Ness / Severed Press
  • Operation: Amazon / Severed Press
  • Operation: Siberia/ Severed Press
  • Operation: Antarctica / Severed Press
  • The Green and The Black / Crossroad Press
  • The Boathouse / Crossroad Press


  • The Dunfield Terror / Crossroad Press
  • Eldren: The Book of the Dark / Gryphonwood Press

Anthology appearances

  • Tumshie / Halloween Haunts / Dark Regions Press
  • Nocturnes and Lacunae / Transmissions From Punktown / Dark Regions Press
  • Carnacki: The Keys to the Door / Nightland Quarterly / Nightland (in Japanese)
  • The Root of All Things / By the Light of Camelot / EDGE Publishing
  • Carnacki: Bats in the Belfry / Tails of Terror / Golden Goblin Press
  • The Midnight Eye: Farside / Occult Detective Quarterly Presents / Ulthar Press
  • Leader of the Pack / In Dog We Trust / Black Shuck Books



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  1. I liked Sigils and Totems a lot and will be picking up the two associated novels. “Farside” was a very nice Derek Adams story that didn’t go in the direction I thought. (I’ll review it soon and have the review for Home From the Sea up when revised.)

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