Book Review: THE DRAGON IN THE SWORD by Michael Moorcock

The Dragon in the Sword (Erekosë, #3)The Dragon in the Sword by Michael Moorcock

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

THE DRAGON IN THE SWORD wraps up one part of Erekose’s place in the Eternal Champion cycle in fine style.

It’s another slightly later addition to the whole great dance, and brings on several well loved characters along the way as signposts to Erekose’s quest for the Dragon Sword, a McGuffin that drives this plot along.

There some of Moorcock’s proto-steampunkery in the great city-vessels that steam across the marshes, there’s much high weirdness travelling through space, time and melting reality and there’s even an appearance by my favorite undead warrior army in the climactic battle scene.

As ever, Erekose is a bit of a moody old bugger at times, but the supporting cast keep him honest, there’s some magnificent set pieces, and all in all, it’s another fine example of sword and sorcery from the master.

And now that the Lords of Chaos are introduced, and the swords are in play, we can get on to the really strange stuff. Next up for me, more marshes, and another doomed hero, as Dorian Hawkmoon pays a call at Castle Brass, and the history of the Runestaff unfolds.

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