Chillers and Thrillers Spring Giveaway

After the small success of my own giveaway last month, I’ve expanded this month and invited some other authors on board. If this works out, it could become a regular feature.

Three lucky winners will each get all six of the ebooks listed below.

Use the form to sign up for participating authors’ newsletters and then tweet as many or as few times as you want (the more times, the more chance you have of winning), or follow them on their Amazon pages.

All activities get you points, and points mean prizes!

The draw will be made on 31st March.

  • I WAS JACK THE RIPPER by Michael Bray.A horror thriller
  • RED DEATH by D.L. Robinson. An apocalyptic plague thriller.
  • UNCONTACTED by Rick Chesler. A human origins thriller.
  • AWAKE by Edward J McFadden III. A post-apocalyptic chiller.
  • PARASITE by Ian Woodhead. A British horror chiller.
  • FUNGOID by William Meikle. An apocalyptic chiller.

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