Turning sixty hit me harder than I expected it to, as did starting to draw a pension from the works’ schemes. I’m a pensioner. It takes a bit of getting used to.

It’s led to some thinking on my part as to what I want to do with myself in the years to come.

I’ll still be writing. I don’t think I can stop now anyway, but I may slow down a bit from previous output levels. I’ve got this current work in progress, a contracted novel for SEVERED PRESS, to finish and then… the void.

It’s the first time in almost ten years that I won’t have any outstanding work contracted, not even any stories to do for any anthology invites, and as yet I don’t have a clear path ahead after the end of March, when I deliver the current book.

I’ve already turned a publisher down on a request for a set of Victorian ghost stories as I decided I’ve said what I wanted to say there in THE GHOST CLUB. I have ideas for a couple of Derek Adams novels I could probably place with publishers quite quickly if I was inclined, and I still have the big fantasy epic at the back of my mind.

And then there’s Carnacki. There’s always Carnacki. I know I get looked down on in certain quarters for my writing of these, but I keep coming back to them, because I just get so much fun and enjoyment out of writing them. There are a handful of stories published that have never been collected, so my thinking is that I’ll write half a dozen new ones and then ship a fourth Carnacki collection around. I’ll need to find a publisher for that too, and that might not be so simple.

So, OPERATION: SIBERIA, then a new Carnacki collection.

That’s a start anyway.




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