In the fallout from last night’s Brian Keene podcast I’ve been asked several times today about Dark Regions Press.

My dealings there are historical, in that the stand alone novels, novellas and collections I have published with them were all commissioned by Joe Morey before he handed over the company to Chris, and then again with Joe at Dark Renaissance before he folded that company back into Dark Regions when he retired.

So I have a whole heap of work there, mostly now only in ebooks as the small print runs are in the main sold, or not selling.

Apart from that, I have a handful of story sales to recent anthologies with Dark Regions.

So my dealings with them are, in the main, waiting for royalties to be paid.

Even back in Joe’s day, Dark Regions were never ones for paying strictly on time, and that has continued under Chris’ reign there.

Over the years there has been a degree of confusion over royalties, especially regarding the books that flitted in and out of Dark Renaissance’s catalog and back, then out, and in again, from Dark Regions. That was a logistical nightmare at times that caused headaches at both their end and mine.

But I’ve never not been paid — eventually.

This latest round was no different, and the gap between payments had been stretching.

After chasing Chris up, I got a royalty statement from them in December that covered Dec 2016 – Nov 2017. As far as I can tell it matches numbers I would have expected to see there. I got 1/2 of it paid just before Xmas, and the the 2nd half was paid this week.

So my experience is, he’s paid me, but needs to be chased, so I chase him.

I can’t speak for the other writers signed up with them. Those that haven’t been paid at all need to be paid, and that needs sorted fast. Similarly, there are books that people have paid for through Kickstarter campaigns and advance orders that are now years overdue, and that again speaks of a certain lack of organisation, or just plain overreaching, on Dark Regions’ part.

Dark Regions have been good for my career over the years, and I’d hate to see them crumble under disorganization, overreaching themselves and forgetting that their writers are their most important asset — I’ve seen it happen to too many presses now.

I hope Chris can sort this latest mess out. I wish him luck.




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