The Ghost Club Party and Tour is taking shape.

The tour is in support of my new collection, THE GHOST CLUB, coming on 9th December from Crystal Lake Publishing.

There’s going to be live podcasts, interviews, reviews and guest blogs on various subjects like Nigel Kneale’s THE STONE TAPE, why I write Victoriana, London’s influence on my writing, my five favorite ghost stories, Scottish supernatural fiction that’s influenced me and a lot more including live readings from me here on FB.

I may even practice the SHE SLEEPS IN THE DEPTHS song that turns up in a few of my stories. I promise not to sing it live if you’re nice to me.

Join me in the online party and tour here –>

Here the itinerary so far: –

06/12/2017 Blaze McRob, Big Ultra Man, Guest Blog
06/12/2017 David Wood, Wood on Words, Podcast
07/12/2017 John Linwood Grant. Graydogtales, Interview/Feature
08/12/2017 Steve Pattee, Horrortalk, Guest Blog
08/12/2017 Sylv, ,Interview
09/12/2017 Stacy, Horror Addicts, Guest Blog
09/12/2017 Ash Hamilton, Horror Fix, Guest Blog
09/12/2017 Steve Savile, Newsletter Guest Slot
10/12/2017 Steve Lockley, Whisperings, Guest Blog
10/12/2017 Jimmy Weinholz, The Horrific Network, Podcast
11/12/2017 Josh Reynolds, Hunting Monsters, Guest Blog
12/12/2017 Nick Kaufmann, The Scariest Part, Guest Blog
12/12/2017 Armand Rosamilia, Arm Cast Podcast
13/12/2017 Mark West,Strange Days, Guest Blog
14/12/2017 Eric Ian Steele, Confessions of a British Writer, Guest Blog

More info and additions to come.