Medusa's WebMedusa’s Web by Tim Powers

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Another one-sitting read from the great Tim Powers.

I’ve been a fan since reading THE DRAWING OF THE DARK in 1980, and over the years since he’s never failed to astonish and entertain me with his skill and imagination. This is no exception.

Medusa’s Web initially sets itself up as a Gothic horror, with its rambling old house and disfunctional- and weird – family members, but Powers quickly spins things off into fractured time streams, plots within plots and a mystery dating back to 1920’s Hollywood. A word of warning though – if you’re an arachnophobe, it’s probably best to avoid this one, as there are spiders here that’ll haunt your dreams.

As ever, it’s all heady stuff from Powers. There were a couple of places where I felt the complications of the mythos he built, and the amount of exposition needed to keep the plot going, was in danger of bringing the whole thing crashing down – but Powers is a master juggler, and keeps all the balls in the air just long enough to speed us along to the finale.

A very enjoyable way to spend the day.

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