One of my regrets in my writing career is that I never managed to get anywhere with my script writing apart from seeing a handful of no-budget shorts get produced, and having a shared credit on a low budget feature, HALFWAY TO HEAVEN that got me my sole IMDB entry to date. Most of the shorts have vanished off the face of the earth now too.

At one stage around ten years ago I was shipping half a dozen feature length scripts around. I had phone calls with agents and directors, had projects fold on the brink of filming getting started, and had people take out options on my work that lapsed without ever appearing.

There’s still a film-length version in production of something that was once CLOCKWORK DOLLS but has now been rewritten by a studio four times, and if it ever sees the light of day, my contribution is now down to ‘Based on a story by…’ in the credits. At least I got paid for that one, but it’s been ten years in pre-production hell and I doubt it’s ever getting out.

I found all my feature length scripts in an email directory today and had a pang of longing to see one of them made up on the big screen.

I keep getting told my stories are ‘filmic’ and visual.

I just wish i could convince somebody that matters in the industry of that.

I gave up shipping the scripts around a few years back, and there they sit in the ether of webmail, lost souls waiting for the stars to be right. My novels and short stories take up all of my time now, but I’ve yet to get anyone show any interest in filming any of them.

Maybe if I had an agent to shop film rights around things might be different.

But if wishes were horses, we’d all be eating steak.

I live in hope that one day somebody will take a chance on one of my books. It’s a dream I have.

Right, that’s enough whining.