A guest post today, and the launch day of a new BEATRICE BEECHAM book from a good pal and a great writer, Dave Jeffery. 

Here is the gen, from Dave in his own words.   Make him happy. Buy his book. And share this far and wide. 

First of all, I’d like to thank Willie for inviting me along to talk about my new novel Beatrice Beecham’s Cryptic Crypt, released on 3rd March through Crystal Lake Publishing. Anyone who reads Willie’s work will already know that he is a rare breed in terms of talent, but I would say this tenet extends to his support for other authors. This guest blog is testament to such a claim. So thank you, kind sir!

dj-promo-image-5Well, what is the Beatrice Beecham series all about?

On a very basic level it is about fun and danger and mystery. It is about blending those elements together in order to take readers on a wild ride that thrills and entertains. Others suggest the series is symbolism for the ongoing challenges of growing up in a repressive adult world. Who am I to argue?

So how did it all happen?

It started in 2005, in a cinema at Great Park, Rubery, Birmingham, UK. Having spent the afternoon with my son watching the film adaptation of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, I found myself captivated by idea of the displaced Pevensie children finding adventure in a new home. I thought about the idea of a teenager in similar circumstances – having to leave where they knew and loved and try to fit in a new town. From this basic concept the character that is Beatrice Beecham was born.

Beatrice is a red-haired, teenager; fiercely loyal to everything she holds dear and often day dreams about wanting to become a world famous chef. While she has the tools and the talent, more often than not, Beatrice – and her group of friends – find themselves at the centre of mysterious events intrinsic to the town of Dorsal Finn; events that are both fantastic and dangerous.

People often ask why I choose to write the Beatrice Beecham books when my successes have, by and large, been in the adult horror genre. For me, queries such of this imply a belief that the drive behind writing is to make money, to go with the market and pocket the coin. As any writer will tell you, not many get to write full time; most have to work to keep the wolves from the door while spending the evening appeasing their muse. So, no, I don’t write to make money, nor do I feel the need to chase the market.

What I want to do is tell stories. It is who I am, as much a part of me as an arm or a leg. Yes, I want people to read what I do; writers without readers are nothing, after all. But do I want this at the expense of telling the same story over and over, and become creatively sterile in the process? No. Not one little bit.

bbhh-cover-imageThe Beatrice books have given me great joy. The setting, the fictitious coastal town of Dorsal Finn, is in fact a blend of Liskard in Cornwall and Clovelly in Devon, UK. The characters are deliberately oddball, their nature defined by the mysteries and secrets the town imbues. The Beatrice Beecham universe gives me such a sense of freedom, and comfort for that matter, that I always love the thought of returning there. Readers of the books pretty much say the same, and it is this level of investment that appeals to me. It says that this strange, whimsical place, and the people who live there, means something to those who have visited, it also means that as a teller of stories I am doing something right on a fundamental level.

There will be another Beatrice Beecham book later this year. Ship of Shadows is released once again through Crystal Lake Publishing in September. Beyond that, I can only be certain of one thing; I will be paying Dorsal Finn and its madcap inhabitants another visit. Who knows, I may have a few others wanting to come along and keep me company.

Dave Jeffery
February 2017

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