I’ve got three big bits of news to report on the recent sales front, a novel and two collections.

1/ I’ve sold a novel, RAMSKULL to DarkFuse, the first of my most recent three book deal with them.

This one’s a return to Scotland, and this time I’m in Hammer horror territory again, on a small island with a pair of cops investigating the strange disappearance of the locals. There’s a cave, old bones, an ancient skull, some mad monks, a lighthouse, a bar and a lot of blood spatter. My roots are showing.

2/ I’ve sold a new Carnacki collection, THE EDINBURGH TOWNHOUSE, to Mike Davis’ Lovecraft ezine fiction imprint.

Ten all new stories, featuring a couple of Captain Gault crossovers, more meetings with Winston Churchill, the story of how a pentacle came to be left in an Edinburgh Townhouse, high jinks with Arkwright on the cricket field, and more.

This is my third, and possibly last Carnacki collection, although I still have a few stories uncollected as yet so I’m not saying never.

3/ I’ve sold a Victorian supernatural story collection to Crystal Lake Publishing.

This is a bit of a pet project for me. The premise is that they are stories told by members of an exclusive dining club in London in the late 19th Century. Storytellers include Conan Doyle, Bram Stoker, Robert Louis Stevenson, Jules Verne, Mark Twain, Oscar Wilde and more. I had a lot of fun with this one and I’m looking forward to seeing the reaction it gets.


Before all that, next up will be THE JOB novella from DarkFuse. It’s running as a serial in their magazine in March for subscribers, then will be later available in ebook and pocket sized limited hardcover.

Again, this one is set in Scotland, and features my ongoing sigil and totem mythology in a tale of a burglar in the wrong house, at the wrong time. The cover has just been released, a nice representation of one of the aforesaid sigils. Groovy.

Onward, to infinity and beyond.