The VEIL KNIGHTS series continues with book #5 RUN OF LUCK.

I’m part of this major new fantasy series, and Book 5, RUN OF LUCK launches today. Here’s the gen for this latest adventure. As ever, I’ll be very grateful for any of your shares. likes or comments on any of the social media platforms.

Jaz “Lady Luck” Archer doesn’t believe in knights. If she did, she wouldn’t be the hero of her tale, no matter what the illusionist Dante Grimm believes.

Grimm has seen through her carefully constructed lies—that the death of her sister was an unfortunate accident—and now, to make up for Jaz’s past, she must find a lost artifact. Combined with its legendary counterparts, the superbike artifact will hold back a world filled with monsters.

Grimm makes a convincing case, but Jaz doesn’t believe in heroes, she doesn’t believe in magical motorbikes either. All that changes with an accidental death at Jaz’s casino and the arrival of the alluring, Siobhan—A woman who appears to be able to bring the dead back to life.

Siobhan makes Jaz an offer she cannot refuse: Jaz’s sister’s life for Grimm’s artifact.

To claim the bike, Jaz must return to the street racing crew she abandoned and rekindle her talent for speed. Only then will the true test begin. A battle of wills and of lies, for the mysterious Siobhan is not who, or what, she claims to be.

Jaz doesn’t believe in myths and legends, but they believe in her, and they’ll stop at nothing to see the veil fall once again.

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Twelve authors, including New York Times, USA Today, and Amazon bestsellers Lilith Saintcrow, CJ Lyons, Joseph Nassise, Steven Savile, and Annie Bellet, have come together to create a modern reimagining of the legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table sure to please fans of urban fantasy and Arthurian legends alike!

The Veil Knights urban fantasy series will be published under the pseudonym Rowan Casey and will feature regular new volumes detailing the exploits of one of the knights through to summer 2017, when season one of the series comes to its stunning conclusion.

With more than ten million copies of their books in print around the world, the authors bringing this series to you include Lilith Saintcrow, CJ Lyons, Joseph Nassise, Steven Savile, Annie Bellet, Jon F. Merz, Pippa DaCosta, Robert Greenberger, William Meikle, Steve Lockley, Hank Schwaeble, and Nathan Meyer.

Cover art by Lou Harper of Harper Design.