My story collection SAMURAI AND OTHER STORIES from Crystal Lake is currently on discount at 99c for Kindle at AMAZON

Here you’ll find numerous ghosts, many Scotsmen, a big blob, some holy relics, some unholy relics, a Mothman, a barbarian, some swordplay, a shoggoth and a lot of unexpected people.

This collection brings together some of my favorite stories from the past decade or so in an exploration of the perils of exploring dark places, both external and internal.


  • Samurai
  • Rickman’s Plasma
  • Home is the Sailor
  • Turn Again
  • Inquisitor
  • The Scotsman’s Fiddle
  • The Toughest Mile
  • The Havehome
  • The Yule Log
  • Living the Dream
  • The Shoogling Jenny
  • The Haunting of Esther Cox
  • Dancers
  • The Brotherhood of the Thorns
  • The Young Lochinvar
  • A Slim Chance

So what makes this short story collection so special?

Samurai and other stories contains a real cross section of what I’m all about as a writer. There’s fantasy, swordplay, supernatural beasts, sword and sorcery, ghosts, horror, history, humor and a lot of particularly Scottish characters in weird situations. It’s also got some of what I think of as my strongest work, whether its in the quieter ghost stories, or the blood and thunder sword swinging. I’m very proud of it as a collection, and Crystal Lake have done a wonderful job in the packaging, especially in the brilliant Ben Baldwin cover that captures the title story perfectly.

Tell us more about your title story.

Samurai is a cautionary tale of being careful what you wish for. A group of shipwrecked sailors find shelter in an ancient abandoned Japanese temple. They proceed to sack it of its treasures – but find, to their cost, that the temple has a guardian, and that service comes with a stiff price. It’s a fantasy fable, with more Scots in trouble, more swordplay, and a splash of red gore in the green jungle. It runs in my head like a movie, and in fact, I think it would make a great one, if somebody has the cash for it.

Why should readers give Samurai and Other Stories a try?

It’s packed with entertainment, at least I think so. My ethos as a writer is that story comes first, and I like to think that shows in this collection, whether it be in tales of adventure, or misadventure, spooky goings on in coal mines, strange musicians, poltergeists, magial relics, or the people that nobody expects. A wee bit of something for everybody.