Earthquake Weather (Fault Lines, #3)Earthquake Weather by Tim Powers

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

EARTHQUAKE WEATHER was, unfortunately a bit of a slog to get through. Powers mashes together the worlds and characters of LAST CALL and EXPIRATION DATE, but although, like all Powers books, it had its moments, there were just too many characters that I didn’t care about, and too much time spent with them all bickering while sitting around in a variety of rooms or vehicles. You know that long bit of the AVENGERS movie where they all act like spoiled kids? It’s a bit like that, but goes on for longer.

The Fisher King mythology took too much of a back seat to the ghost plot devices for me in this one, and, like EXPIRATION DATE, I felt it suffered because of it. Personally I’d have liked more focus on the Tarot and archetypes to take center stage instead of the bickering characters and multiple real, and ghostly, personalities.

But again, like EXPIRATION DATE, a sub par Powers is still better than most everything else. It’s just that my expectations had been set too high after the brilliance of LAST CALL.

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