02houndofnightWith the launch of HOUND OF NIGHT, book 2 of the Veil Knights series today, I’m trying my hardest to keep from checking the Amazon rankings every two minutes, but I’m finding it almost impossible to concentrate on writing.

The series only launched with THE CIRCLE GATHERS last week, and we’re already well into four figure sales and very large numbers of page reads on Kindle Unlimited. It’s fair to say it’s being very well received so far, so long may it continue.

So, there’s that, and the fact that I’m waiting on a go ahead on phase 2 of another secret project that promises to be just as good again, if not better, as this one’s just for me.

I’m also waiting to hear back on a novel submission, two story collection submissions, and a handful of short stories I have out with anthologies I really want to get in to.

So all of that is keeping me from the actual writing. It’s not as if I’ve got nothing to do – I still have two novels to write for DarkFuse, a novella I want to finish, and a couple of anthologies I want to write stories for, and that’s before the secret project I mentioned above.

Still, I suppose it’s better to be busy. In January, I have my 59th birthday, and will be looking down the barrel of sixty. I thought I might slow down a bit in the run up to maybe retiring in a couple of years time, but it’s not looking that way.

Not yet anyway.