Below are two quotes from advance reviews of FUNGOID, coming soon from DarkFuse. And both of them pleased me greatly. I love it when I connect with a reader who gets what I’m up to.

“William Meikle is a talented writer, the story is perfectly paced so that the story isn’t bogged down by character, drama or the science – instead it’s a perfect blend of all three. He doesn’t mince words or add any excessive detail, each word he writes is essential to the story.”

“The story is extremely fast paced, leaving little room for breathing as you flip through the pages.”

I work hard at getting the pace and flow of my work right. Actually, I work hard at all of it, but the pace and flow is what I concentrate on. That doesn’t stop me getting called a pulp hack of course, but you can’t please everybody.

I’m a pulp writer, and proud of it. A lot of people hear pulp and think bad, but the pure storytelling aspect of the craft is the thing that gets me excited and keeps me motivated. It also makes the process fun for me when it comes to sit down and write, and if I wasn’t having fun at it, I wouldn’t do it at all. Again, that’s an attitude that leads some to dismiss me as a hack, but I always think that says more about them than it does about me.

I’ve got a little list of things I want to write before I shuffle off into the black, and they’re all pulpy, slightly old fashioned, supernatural based and, yes, fun.

Looks like you’re all stuck with it for a while yet.