Yesterday’s list of horror novels caused a deal of discussion. so here’s another- probably my favorite sub-genre, and one I keep trying to do justice to in my own work.

I’ve stretched the definition of novel to allow some that are little more than novellas, but I thought they needed to be in here. I’ve also seen lists of haunted house books that include HOUSE ON THE BORDERLAND, but I don’t think that place is haunted at all, so I haven’t included it in mine, although it is a personal favorite book.

  • THE HOUSE ON NAZARETH HILL – Ramsey Campbell
  • NAOMI’S ROOM – Jonathan Aycliffe
  • THE ELEMENTALS – Michael McDowell
  • THE HOUSE OF THE SEVEN GABLES – Nathaniel Hawthorne
  • THE HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE – Shirley Jackson
  • A STIR OF ECHOES – Richard Matheson
  • CAST A COLD EYE – Alan Ryan
  • BURNT OFFERINGS – Robert Marasco
  • BAG OF BONES – Stephen King
  • THE HOUSE NEXT DOOR – Anne Rivers Siddons
  • THE WOMAN IN BLACK – Susan Hill
  • GHOST STORY – Peter Straub
  • THE TURN OF THE SCREW – Henry James
  • THE GHOST PIRATES – William Hope Hodgson
  • PORTRAIT OF JENNIE – Robert Nathan
  • A SOUL IN A BOTTLE – Tim Powers
  • FOG HEART – Thomas Tessier
  • THE TAKEN – Sarah Pinborough
  • THE UNINVITED – John Farris