I have stories in two of these new anthologies from Dark Regions Press,

In THE CHILDREN OF GLA’AKI, a Ramsey Campbell tribute anthology, I have THE LAKESIDE COTTAGES, a new Carnacki story

In RETURN OF THE OLD ONES I have an apocalypic tale, THE CALL OF THE DEEP, set in a future where all the worst predictions for global warming have come true, and only a Hail Mary science project has a chance of saving the day.

I’m in great company in both these books, with big names in the field on board. They’ll be out in deluxe hardcover, paperback and ebook editions, and can be ordered during the Indiegogo campaign at the link.

Campaign backers will get many nice bonuses once the thing is fully funded, so if you like the look of these, don’t delay.

Here’s the link…