PuffinswriteThe last two months have been pretty weird on the writing front.

The initial plan was to take it a bit easy over the summer as I had just finished a novel and wanted to recharge a bit.

Then somebody threw me the chance of writing in a shared world that I couldn’t turn down, and in the first two weeks of June that one burned through me and came out fast – a short novel that turned out to be great fun and very much me.

So I thought, I’ll have a rest now.

Then an interesting and cool anthology invite came in, and I wrote that as it too was coming through fast and clear.

Enough, I said. Really. Rest now.

But another idea didn’t want to wait, and I’ve spent the end of June and now all of July on a new novel – old school, Hammer horror shenanigans on a remote Scottish island complete with confused cops, angry farmers and buckets of tomato sauce standing in for blood. I love it.

Finished that last night, but already there’s other things afoot – another cool anthology invite, and a tickle of a possibility of a longer work that’ll be something completely different for me. And Carnacki has started to ask me if I’m ready for him to tell more stories too.

Also in the back of my mind is that I still have more novels to write under my contract with DarkFuse. I’ve got time aplenty for them… but the little gray cells are working on it anyway.

Rest? Who needs it?