PuffinswriteI spent the last two weeks writing 50,000 words on a short novel. No outline, no real plan, just a character, a goal and a starting point.

I let it come at the speed it wanted to come, trusted myself that it would all work out in the end, tried not to force any of it, and grew it organically to see where it led.

Where it led was to something that’s the most ‘me’ thing I’ve written for a while, in voice, tone and story. It’s fantastical but not fantasy as such, has supernatural elements but isn’t horror. I’m guessing, if it’s anything, it’s what gets called urban fantasy. All I know is it was a lot of fun. I hope it shows in the end product.

I had a blast writing it – my brain is frazzled now, but I’m already thinking about more in the same vein – and using the same process.

Writing fast like this has worked well for me in the past – THE INVASION was written in two weeks, and is still my top seller, and THE HOLE was done in less than a month.

It seems that when I open up and let it flow is when I hit something that people like to read.

So I’ll do more of that then, shall I?