I don’t have an agent.

I’ve never really had one.

I get asked, why don’t you want to work with an agent? The answer is, it’s not I don’t want to – it’s that they don’t want to.

I’ve queried, and queried, and queried over the years, even signed with one once, for about two months before he quit the business. But no matter what I’ve sent them, be it my WATCHERS fantasy series, my sci-fi book THE INVASION, any number of horror novels, or my VIKINGS vs YETI book, BERSERKER, the answer is always about the same.

“We like your writing, but we don’t think we can sell it in today’s market.”

So I’ve sold every novel I’ve done myself, to independent genre presses, and I’ve done my own deals for audiobooks, foreign rights, etc when the chance comes up. It would be nice to have somebody else handle all that stuff for me – and maybe try to get more books into more languages, sell film rights- all that fortune and glory stuff – I’ll admit that much, but all in all, I’ve done pretty well with my small press publications.

But I wonder – I’ll always wonder – could one of these twenty plus books have gone mass market if somebody had just noticed? My  pro short story sales tell me that my work can cut it in the wider market place – so why not the novels?

I try not to think about that too much though, for that way lies madness.

So fortune and glory elude me, but I make enough to keep the wolf from the door.

That’ll do for me. Mostly.

The wee voice gnaws at me at times, like today, when I get another agent rejection with the same message – for a ghost story collection this time.

But I write what I want to write, today’s market or not.

So on we go, headlong into the future, with hope and anticipation for what’s yet to come…