Today I delivered another novel to DarkFuse, my seventh for them and, along with the four novellas, that fulfills the book deals I’ve been contracted for with them. ( I also placed THE HOLE with Voodoo Press for a German language edition, which is nice.)

What with that, and the demise of Dark Renaissance, I’m now, as of today, at a place I haven’t been for some years – I have nothing I absolutely have to write to meet a deadline, and no contracts to fulfil.

It’s slightly scary, given that I’m a full time writer these days, but also, in a way, could turn out to be liberating.

I have a big ideas file and I’m not afraid to use it.

So is it going to be…

  • a cold war spy thriller with supernatural overtones
  • a big, blowsy, epic, fantasy doorstopper that I’ve had the plot of in my head for a long, long time
  • a new Derek Adams book, possibly about what Rudolph Hess was -really- doing in Scotland
  • an old school devil worshipping / Hammer horror thing set in modern London
  • more Carnacki

Decisions, decisions. The way forward might be determined by what happens to the material I’m trying to rehouse from the death of Dark Renaissance, and I’m not going to rush into anything too quickly.

These things need time to fester and rot to weed out the weak…

Plus I’ve got a story to do for an anthology invite that requires some research first, so that’ll keep me busy – for this week anyway…

Onward and upward.