Dark Renaissance are no more.



Farewell then, Dark Renaissance Books.

Joe Morey has decided to retire, so Dark Renaissance Books are no more.

They were very good to me over the past few years, publishing lovely limited edition hardcovers and paperbacks of CARNACKI, SHERLOCK HOLMES and PROFESSOR CHALLENGER collections of mine as well as THE LONDON TERRORS Sherlock Holmes novellas and my haunted house tale THE HOUSE ON THE MOOR.

But all good things come to an end. The remaining stock and ebook rights to the above are now all with Dark Regions Press and they should be along for reading, hopefully in the not too distant future.

Things got frustrating for me at Dark Renaissance toward the end there as Joe hummed and hawed about what he was going to do – and for me it turned out to be doubly frustrating, as I’m left with 2 themed story collections and a sequel to my Holmes novella REVENANT to try to place, after Joe specifically asked me to write them, then decided to close down.

Sarcophagus_colorized_FNLSo I’m a strange mood – happy with what we did together, particularly with the quality of the hardcovers and Wayne Miller’s gorgeous accompanying illustrations, but equally, cheesed off to have spent all that time on projects that are now going to be a bugger to place elsewhere. As a full time writer, that’s time I’ll never get back and might have been better spent on something else.

If I’ve been in a grump this week – forgive me.

So it goes.

Onward and upward.

To infinity and beyond…

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