Bedlam-in-Yellow_FNLI’ve had the great privilege of working with Wayne Miller on many occasions in recent years. I think we’ve made a good team.

He has done great things with artwork for a huge amount of my work, with covers produced for many of my books at Dark Regions and Gryphonwood Press among others,  internal illustrations in B&W and color for the SHERLOCK HOLMES, CARNACKI, and PROFESSOR CHALLENGER collections from Dark Renaissance among others, and covers and illos for individual novellas and stories in anthologies.

Have a look at these wonders below . This is an example of his brilliance at work.

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Wayne is available for work if any publishers or writers out there are in the market at the moment – I can assure you that you wont be disappointed if you decide to work with him.

You can get him at – knock three times and tell him Willie sent you.