I disdarkmelodiescovered the writing of H P Lovecraft back in the very early Seventies. I came to him, not looking for horror, but for Science Fiction as that was where my prime interest lay back then.

I believe the first story I read was THE DUNWICH HORROR in one of the cheap UK paperback editions. That was enough for me to seek out the rest, and I remember reading AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS while sitting on the back steps of our house on a hot summer’s day. After that I read everything I could find… his vision of cosmic entities with no concern for the doings of puny humans spoke to me at a basic level. It was only natural that I should turn to some Lovecraftian conceits in my own writing.

Apart from reading, my other big love is for music, in all its various forms. I used to sing in a choir as a lad, and I’ve been playing guitar badly for forty years now. Again, it was inevitable that my enthusiasm for music would seep into my writing.

This book is the result; a collection of stories where music and things that lurk beyond meet and find common, and uncommon, ground. In short, it’s all about music, and dancing in dark places.

I like the focus I have to bring to short stories, where you get in, get out and leave the reader wondering what just happened, like a great guitar solo or an intricate piano piece. Dark Melodies is something I’ve dreamed about since I started writing twenty four years ago… a collection of supernatural stories by me, in hardcover, was all I wanted to achieve when I started out.

And here it is, my first hardcover collection, also available in paperback and ebook, and a publication for which I will always be grateful.

Shall we dance?

Music can transport you. It can bring sunshine on a cloudy day and lift your heart in times of trouble. But there is another side, a darker side, to music.  

Allow yourself to be open to a different melody, and who knows where it will take you.

In this collection you will follow the dance into dark places, down dark passageways, where dark melodies play.

The hardcover is long ago sold out but might be available on the secondary market. The paperback and ebook are still available.



Here’s the contents

  • The Tenants of Ladywell Manor
  • The Persistence of Memory
  • The Chamber of Tiamat
  • The Unfinished Basement
  • The Mill Dance
  • The Death of Sergeant George
  • Where the Kobolds Dance
  • Rhythm and Booze


This is an absolutely wonderful collection, all the stories are character driven supernatural tales oozing with atmosphere and darkness. A symphony of terror (if you don’t mind the pun) and what a symphony it is… I have to say that William Meikle and Dark Regions Press have really put together an excellent collection that should be at the top of your to be read pile and I highly recommend it. – Famous Monsters of Filmland

Cover art by M Wayne Miller, with whom I’ve gone on to work on many projects since. I particularly like the full wraparound effect


The Tenants of Ladywell Manor first appeared in a Permuted Press anthology, Cthulhu Unbound 2. The Unfinished Basement originally appeared in a Miskatonic River Press anthology, Dead But Dreaming 2.  The other stories are original in print in this edition, and were mainly written with this edition in mind, although the Midnight Eye novella, Rhythm and Booze, had been rattling around my head as a concept for a long time.

A fantastic collection of eight short stories firmly rooted in the Lovecraftian tradition that showcase Meikle’s talent and take the reader on a chaotic trip to some very sinister places… William Meikle is an entertaining writer with a knack for Lovecraftian fiction and Dark Melodies is a testament to that. If you like literature about slumbering gods and the things that inhabit the spaces that open up beyond what we consider real, I strongly suggest you add this tome to your collection – The Lovecraft Ezine